Amigurumi pattern Elephant in a swimsuit & toy Duck

Price $ 5

This is a crochet pattern with pictures for making a toy, not a toy itself.

The toy is 27 cm (10.6”) tall


- Acrylic yarn, worsted weight (240 m in 100 g):

: turquoise, yellow, white; a bit ob dark-turquoise, orange, and black

Size E (3.5 mm) crochet hook

Polyester stuffing

Silk ribbon (35 cm)

Two small black beads

Black thread and needle

A few small beads (for an ankle bracelet)


Four big red or orange buttons.


     ch - chain

      ss - slip stitch

     st(s) - stitch(es)

     sc  - single crochet

     dc  - double crochet

     inc - increase

     Increase: make two sts 

      in one st.

     dec - deacrese

     Deacrese: Make two      

      sts together

     (----) х 2(3,4 etc) раза – repeat  

     instructions in brackets 2(3,4, etc) times.

     ss - slip stitch

     tog - together


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