Shop policies

How do you get tutorials:

* After completing the payment, you are going to get an e-mail within 24 hours (usually much faster)
It will contain the link to all 70 PDF tutorials.


*If you didn't get the e-mail within 24-hour period, please check SPAM folder and contact 

What language is used in the tutorials:

*English is the language used in all the files and tutorials .


*After the payment is completed and the e-mail is sent, no refund is available.


*You can get a refund in case the e-mail with the link hasn't been sent to your e-mail address.

What's inside the tutorials:

* tutorials include very detailed instructions as well as lots of illustrations of different stages of the process
* list of materials
* detailed verbal explanation of how to crochet each row 
* each toy has its own PDF file

What's NOT inside the tutorials:

*tutorials do not include lessons on basic crochet techniques
* tutorials do not have diagrams

* Required skills:

chain, magic ring technique, single crochet, half double crochet

The rules © tutorials:

This pattern is © by LilikSha ToYs (Lilia Shaevich) 2008.

* The patterns are intended for personal use only.
* You can only sell toys made using my patterns if you agree and follow the conditions listed below:
* You bought the pattern yourself and made your own toy.
* If you want to sell your toys you are only authorised to upload and publish photos of the toys you have made yourselves.
* If you publish photos of your toys on the Internet, these photos must be followed by the phrase:
“This toy is made using LilikSha ToYs (Lilia Shaevich) pattern.” and the link to my website: 
* It is forbidden to upload my patterns (in whole or in part) anywhere, unless you get my permission.
4. Any publication and demonstration of the toys made using LiikSha ToYs (Lilia Shaevich) patterns on the Internet must be followed by the phrase:
“This toy is made using LilikSha ToYs (Lilia Shaevich) pattern.” and a working link to my website: